Friday Newsletter: Environment Club | Card Project | Christmas Market | Safeteen

Dear parents,

  • Environment Club:  Have you seen the incredible mural on the west-facing wall near the edible garden?  With thanks to talented artist and Ross Road parent, Shula Klinger, this Environment Club initiative was paid for by proceeds from a TD Friends of the Environment grant.   Click here for more information about the Environment Club and keep your eye out for more amazing projects happening at the school.
  • Card Project:  Have you ordered yours yet?  You must order by midnight Friday to guarantee delivery in the first week of December.  (cards ordered after this time will be delivered on December 16)  Click here for more details.
  • Christmas Market:  The Market will be held on Friday, December 6 from 5pm to 8pm, and here are some important things to note;
  1. If you want to order dinner, you must do so via the MunchaLunch website by 5pm on Monday, November 18.
  2. The organizers are  in desperate need of men’s ties and glass baby food jars.  If you have any, please leave them under the ‘down’ stairs by the PAC box in the lobby.
  3. As per the notices from the class reps, the Market also needs your time!  Please consider volunteering 45 mins on the evening to help make the event a success.  See the sign-up sheets on your classroom doors or get in touch with your class rep to find out how you can help.
  4. If you have any ‘treasures’ that you can donate to the “Holiday Shop and Wrap Market” please drop them in the box under the “down” stairs in the lobby (not in the AV room as previously mentioned.) These are new items such as that gift you bought for someone and then forgot you had it, or the picture frame you loved and bought, but never found the right wall to hang it on.  There is no need to buy anything, it’s just a chance for you to pass on treasures that you have never had the chance to use.
  • 9781896095998_p0_v1_s260x420Safeteen:  This week, the Safe Teen experts came to Ross Road to hold 3-hour workshops with all the grade 6 and 7 students. The Safe Teen program introduced the students to bullying and harassment prevention strategies and non-violent conflict resolution in a powerful and engaging, gender-separate workshop format.  Many thanks to Family Services of the North Shore, who generously funded the student workshops!  Also many thanks to those parents who came out for the very exciting parent night on Tuesday!  For those of you who are interested in continuing the conversation with their 6th or 7th graders or who want to learn more, Anita Roberts has published a book about the Safe Teen philosophy (available at the Lynn Valley library).

Have a great weekend!

Your PAC Executive

Friday Newsletter: Christmas Craft Fair | School Directory | CPF & more!

Dear parents,

  • Save the Date!  This year’s Christmas Craft Fair will be held on December 6.  Stay tuned for more details.
  • The School Directory is a useful resource for getting in touch with other parents and families.  It hasn’t come out this year yet, as it needs a volunteer to take it on.  This is a job someone could do from home in their spare time.  There’s a template that’s ready to go and the office has all the data ready to input.  If you can help, please get in touch with Sarah Dennis.
  • Ms Vicki Thomas’ English 5/6 class still needs a class rep.  If you have a child in this class, please consider taking on this very important role.
  • “Surviving French Immersion: A Workshop for Parents of Intermediate Students” takes place this Thursday, October 24th at Cleveland Elementary, 7:00pm. Join CPF North Vancouver for this interactive workshop with Susan Owens, a noted French Immersion teacher with the North Vancouver School District. Mme Owens will share her knowledge and provide tips and resources for parents of Intermediate-age French Immersion students. For more info, click here. To register, click here.

Friday Newsletter: Meetings, Class Reps, Enviro Club & Valet

Dear parents,

There’s a PAC General Meeting in the library next Wednesday, October 9.  All parents are encouraged to attend.  The meeting will start at 7pm and babysitting will be provided upon request.  (email Sarah Dennis at if you need babysitting)

The following classes still need class reps….

  • Ms. Vicki Thomas – English 5/6
  • Mrs Denise Esterer – English 3
  • Mme Danae McKay/Mme Apameh Aryanpour – French 3

If your child is in one of these classes, please consider volunteering to become the class rep.

The valet service needs a few more volunteers….particularly on Thursdays.   As the weather gets worse, this job becomes more important.  The time commitment is tiny….just 20 minutes (from 8:25am to 8:45am) one day a week.  If you’d like to know more, please contact Nancy Barton at

The Environment Club was recently awarded a $4,500 TD Friends of the Environment Grant to help achieve some amazing projects for the school.  Over the coming months, look out for a naturalized outdoor classroom, interpretive plant signs, an outdoor bulletin board and a weather station.  This year, the Environment Club (Grades 3-7) will be working on several lunchtime projects, including composting, water conservation and making crafts from recycled materials.  Many thanks to parent sponsors Gillian Gorton, Laurie Ainsworth, Layne Christensen and Jill Mackay, as well as principal Carla Orr and teachers Danae Mckay and Anne Zayonc for leading the club.

If you’d like to help out, the Club is looking for a volunteer carpenter or handyman for a one-off project, as well as a mosaic specialist, (or enthusiast) to create a mosaic with the children.  The club is always looking for lumber and gardeners, so if you’d like to help, please contact Gillian Gorton at

Starry Nights tickets, Twitter 101 Parent Workshop, WSR pick-up, and more…

  • Park Royal “Starry Nights” fundraiser tickets will be available for sale next Thursday and Friday (November 8th & 9th), after school in the lobby. Click here for 6 great reasons to go to Starry Nights!
  • Spaces are still available for the Twitter 101 Parent Workshop, next Tuesday, November 6th. Click here for more info about the workshop and how to register.
  • The Valet Service needs volunteers for Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8:25 am to 8:45 am for the month of November. If you can help out, please contact Nancy Barton at
  • Division E01 (Julien Rubin/Amy McDonald – Grade 7) still needs a Class Rep! Please contact Jen VanderMye at if you can help out. Click here for an updated Class Rep list.

Thank you everyone for signing up to receive PAC posts by email! Note that you don’t need to renew your email subscription each school year!

Hope you all had a great Halloween despite the rain! Now Christmas is around the corner! Stay tuned for more info about the annual Ross Road Christmas Craft Fair, coming up Friday November 30th!

—Ross Road PAC

2012-2013 Class Reps

Our school just wouldn’t be the same without our Class Reps – they are a vital link between teachers, parents, classroom activities and PAC-sponsored events!

>>Click here to view the list of our 2012-13 Class Reps. Thank you one and all for volunteering your time so we can continue with our mission of “More People Knowing More!”

Thank you!

Jen VanderMye
Class Rep Coordinator

Class Reps needed for 2012-13 school year!

Our school just wouldn’t be the same without our Class Reps – they are a vital link between teachers, parents, classroom activities and PAC-sponsored events!

Each school year we need at least one volunteer from every class to be the Class Representative to the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The time required is only a few hours throughout the school year and most of the tasks can be done by email. Many classes choose to have more than one Class Rep so that the tasks can be shared. Click here for more info about Class Rep responsibilities.

If you are interested in becoming a 2012-13 Class Rep, please use the form below to contact Jen Vandermye, our Class Rep Coordinator:

Thank you so much!

—Ross Road PAC

Class Rep / Class List update

We just wanted to give Ross Road parents an update on the Class Rep/Class List situation as we know you are anxious to get your class lists so that you can start connecting and communicating!

Due to privacy issues, we are required to obtain consent from all parents for permission to use their email addresses in PAC communications. This was part of the PAC Contact Permission Form that most of you have filled out and returned (thank you!).

Before we can provide class reps with parent contact information, we need to review these forms and ensure that each parent has given the “OK” for email distribution and of course privacy protection. This process takes quite a bit of time to organize and we apologize for the delay. We are working on a better system for next year!

The good news is that we have Class Reps in place for nearly all of our classes! They are looking forward to communicating with their respective parent groups!

Click here to view the list of Class Reps for 2011-12.

Thank you so much for your patience!
– PAC Executive

PAC Contact Permission Form – please return as soon as possible!

Please don’t forget to submit your PAC Contact Permission Form! We have had a great response so far and would really appreciate it if we could get as many forms as possible returned this week so that we can get going on the Parent Email Network and the School Directory!

Forms can be downloaded here.

Hard copies are also available outside the office. (To the right of the office door, there is a shelf containing file folders – the PAC Consent Forms are in the folder entitled “PAC Schoolwide Notices”)

Please drop off completed and signed forms in the PAC Drop-box, under the “Down” stairs in the school lobby.
For more information, please contact:
Thanks so much for your cooperation!

Gillian G

Carolyn S

Class reps needed for 2011/12 year

Each school year we need at least one volunteer from every class to be the class representative to the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The time required is only a few hours throughout the school year and most of the tasks can be done by email. Many classes choose to have more than one class rep so that the tasks can be shared.

  • Class reps are a vital link between the teacher, classroom activities and PAC-sponsored events. Without our class reps and parent support from each classroom, these events would not be possible.
  • Click here to find out more about Class Rep responsibilities.
  • Becoming a class rep is a great opportunity to meet other parents, to get to know your child’s teacher and to work to enhance our school community!

If you are interested in being a class rep, please contact Jennifer VanderMye (the PAC’s Class Rep Coordinator) at with your child’s name, class teacher and grade, or contact Linda Gelley at the school office.

Thank you for your attention,
— Jen VanderMye / Ross Road PAC

Christmas Craft Fair – only a few days to go!

Yes, the countdown is on to this beloved Ross Road event taking place on Friday November 19th!

Class reps are getting ready to wrap up their respective baskets for the amazing Class Basket Raffle, so if you have not made your contribution (either an item or a cash donation) please try to get it to your class rep by Tuesday, November 16th to give the reps time make final purchases for the baskets and wrap them up into wonderfully eye-catching collections!

And don’t forget to sign up for a volunteer position! Sign-up sheets are up on the foyer so have a look at what’s available. The organizers need at least 2 volunteers from each class to help with anything from children’s crafts to setting up/cleaning up, ticket selling, serving hot chocolate, collecting tickets for the Panto etc. If you aren’t able to physically sign up for anything, just get in touch with your class rep and they can let you know what’s available!