Class Rep / Class List update

We just wanted to give Ross Road parents an update on the Class Rep/Class List situation as we know you are anxious to get your class lists so that you can start connecting and communicating!

Due to privacy issues, we are required to obtain consent from all parents for permission to use their email addresses in PAC communications. This was part of the PAC Contact Permission Form that most of you have filled out and returned (thank you!).

Before we can provide class reps with parent contact information, we need to review these forms and ensure that each parent has given the “OK” for email distribution and of course privacy protection. This process takes quite a bit of time to organize and we apologize for the delay. We are working on a better system for next year!

The good news is that we have Class Reps in place for nearly all of our classes! They are looking forward to communicating with their respective parent groups!

Click here to view the list of Class Reps for 2011-12.

Thank you so much for your patience!
– PAC Executive