PAC Executive Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

The Chair will:

  • Convene and chair all general meetings and executive meetings
  • Ensure agendas are prepared and distributed
  • Represent the PAC at meetings with the Principal
  • Consult with Executive Committee members
  • Ensure actions are taken to achieve the objectives of the PAC
  • Will be a signing officer

The Vice-Chair will:

  • Support the Chair
  • Assume the duties of the Chair in the Chair`s absence or upon request
  • Assist the Chair or other Executive Committee members in the performance of his or her duties
  • Accept extra duties as required
  • Will be a signing officer

The Secretary will:

  • Ensure that members are notified of meetings
  • Record, prepare, distribute and file minutes of all meetings
  • Keep an accurate copy of the constitution and bylaws, and make copies available to members upon request
  • Prepare and maintain other documentation as requested by the membership or Executive Committee
  • Monitor, issue and receive correspondence on behalf of the PAC
  • Ensure the safekeeping of all records of the committee in accordance with District policy
  • May be a signing officer

The Treasurer will:

  • Ensure all funds of the PAC are properly accounted for, and proper procedures are followed for recording and making expenditures
  • Maintain the PAC’s financial accounts and prepare financial reports for presentation at each General Meeting
  • Serve as a signing officer
  • Disburse funds as authorized by the membership or Executive Committee
  • Report on all receipts and disbursements at general and executive Committee meetings
  • Make financial records and books of accounts available to members upon request
  • Have financial records and books available for inspection or audits annually
  • Work with the Executive Committee to prepare an annual budget and plan for expenditures
  • Ensure that another signing officer has access to the financial records and books of accounts in the treasurer’s absence
  • Submit a set of annual financial statements, prepared in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations, at the annual general meeting

The Communications Officer will:

  • Ensure regular information concerning the PAC’s activities are distributed to members and posted on the PAC’s website
  • Maintain the PAC’s collection of online tools and resources including shared network drives, calendars and online accounts
  • Liaise with the Secretary to ensure all necessary meeting information is made available to members in a timely manner

The Class Representative Coordinator will:

  • Recruit, coordinate and communicate with class representatives from all school divisions
  • Coordinate the class rep ‘fan out’ distribution system via email

The District Parent Advisory Council Representative will:

  • Attend meetings of School District No. 44 District Parent Advisory Council and represent, speak, and vote on the behalf of the PAC
  • Maintain the committee`s council registration
  • Report regularly to the membership and executive on all matters relating to the District Parent Advisory Council
  • Receive, circulate, and post any District Parent Advisory Council newsletters, brochures, and announcements

Members at Large will:

  • Serve in a capacity to be determined by the Executive Committee at the time of election, and at other times as the Executive Committee requests