Class Rep 101

Each school year we need at least one volunteer from every class to be the class representative to the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The time required is only a few hours throughout the school year and most of the tasks can be done by email. Many classes choose to have more than one class rep so that the tasks can be shared. Class Reps are a vital link between the teacher, classroom activities and the PAC-sponsored events. Without our Class Reps and parent support from each classroom, these events would not be possible.

Examples of class rep tasks:

Christmas Craft Fair: Class reps are responsible for contacting parents and collecting items to put together the ‘class basket’ for the silent auction that is such an important part of the Christmas Craft Fair.

Spring Carnival: The largest fundraiser of the year. Class reps will pull together parent volunteers to ensure the carnival games have sufficient coverage and all stations are running smoothly.

Email Communications: In the past, the class reps were responsible for “fanning out” PAC emails. However, now that the PAC website is so well-established class reps will no longer fan out general PAC emails. All PAC notices will be posted on the PAC website (and emailed automatically to subscribers) as the sole means of mass communication. Class reps will now simply be responsible for sending out notices that are particular to their class (class lists, letters from teachers, field trip notices etc.)

Miscellaneous Tasks: Teachers may ask the class reps to help organize parent volunteers for, say, a field trip. The class reps would also typically collect money for Christmas and end-of-the-year presents for the class’s teacher. If the class reps can participate in some of the PAC General Meetings (three meetings this school year), that would be excellent as it would further the communication between the PAC, each class and the school administration.

Becoming a class rep is a great opportunity to meet other parents, to get to know your child’s teacher and to work to enhance our school community!

>> We are looking for Class Reps for this school year!
Please use the form below to contact Caroline Leonard, our Class Rep Coordinator, if you are interested in becoming a Class Rep!