The dancing to the rain gods is working.  We are seeing more sun :-)


Hanging Basket Fundraiser – 2017 – Order Forms due Apr 27th    

1flower basket

Fundraising for What? It’s time for our Grade 6 French Immersion students to start their fundraising efforts to raise money for their Quebec Exchange that will take place in 2018. This exchange is organized and funded by the Grade 6 families. We are the last school in the district doing exchanges, and this is due to our strong community of parents who work hard to facilitate this rich language experience and cultural adventure. Thanks so much for your support in making this possible for our kids!

Looking for a great gifts in time for Mother’s Day, or to brighten up your doorways and decks for spring? Support the kids with a one stop shop for:

•12″ Flower – Hanging Baskets

•12″ Strawberry Plant – Hanging Baskets

•12″ Patio Flower Planters

Please click Here for more information on ordering

KM Club

Week three: In the middle of Friday’s run something weird happened at Kilometre Club. The kids got a strong whiff of a strange odor. It was Justin Trudeau’s aftershave. That could only mean one thing: they had reached Ottawa.

Truly, the Kilometre Clubbers are racking up heroic mileage. Almost 3500 km, now, and it’s only the end of week three! This week the kids — all 190 of ‘em — ran 1031 km. (F12 alone logged 104 km.) At this pace they will hit Nova Scotia by early May, dip a toe in the Atlantic, and turn around and head back.

Will they make it all the way home? That’ll depend on the numbers. And the speed.

No one is doubting the heart. 

Week one and two updates available on last week’s post


Our 6 week after school program, BrainSTEM, is just completing their 5th week at Ross Road. A total of 44 students registered. If you’d like to see this program return next year, please let us know by emailing us 

Suggestion Box

Another call out for suggestions – we have already received many via email please keep them coming. Please email,, us your suggestions by May 8th for review and we’ll bring forward at our AGM on May 31st for your vote.

Dates to Remember

April 28thUltimate Frisbee for interested grade 4 and 5 students after school on Fridays, beginning Friday, April 28, from 3:00 – 3:45. Parent Adrian Clark will be coordinating this, with Mme Owens providing support. Any parent volunteers are welcome. Please leave your contact information at the school office, or email

April 30th – Two Rivers Meats – Open now till April 30th  – THIS WEEKEND

Click receives 15% of all purchases. This is an ongoing fundraiser, so if you really enjoy your meat, you can order more anytime. Ordering has opened up again until April 30th

May 10th – Please let your hot lunch coordinators (or potential hot lunch coordinators) know, the FOODS THAT FIT workshop will be happening again on May 10th. We are excited to partner with Vancouver Coastal Health, the North Vancouver School District, and the West Vancouver School District to provide this opportunity for our North Shore schools. Keep posted to our website, Facebook and twitter site for updates, we’ll also send out the registration link when it is live. Be prepared for more yummy hot lunch options from the vendors! Registration is FREE.

May 29th  – Bike to School week – May 29th to June 2nd. More details to come

May 31st – Ross Road PAC AGM – Come out and vote for next year’s PAC budget, teacher’s wish list and share ideas. Agenda to come in the next few weeks. Babysitting will be available, please email the PAC should this be required.

June 9th – Spring Carnival – Preparations are underway for our annual Spring Carnival. Be sure to join us for this celebration of our school community. This year, to reduce our Carnival-related donation requests, we are asking each student to bring in $5 to go towards prizing at the Carnival (mystery cards and raffle baskets). Class reps will soon contact parents about the collection. Stay tuned and thank you for your support!

 June 22nd – Staff Appreciation Lunch – KG and G1 parents are our Special Events Hosts this year – Great way to meet the staff and let them know how much we appreciate them. Class reps will be sending emails to help coordinate volunteers.

Have a great weekend.

Ross Road PAC

 Contact us at 

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter – (@rossroadpac)


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