april 1


Thank you to all those who donated to the clothing drive – it was absolutely fabulous this year. In total 96 bags, huge garbage bags may I add, were donated this year. Time to start prepping for next year!

If you have been arriving at school early this week you will have seen the huge numbers of people in the back field partaking in the KM club. The vibe after the run is awesome. Well Done folks.

We have just completed week 2 of our After School program, BrainSTEM. Mondays and Thursdays kids stay after school and meet in the music room where they learn Civil and Robotics Engineering in fun and engaging ways.

Our February GM minutes are now posted on our website. Please take a moment to read through. This year, we had a suggestion box at the meeting and received some great ideas on how to spend the money we’ve raised, new programs and questions about PAC related initiatives. The PAC Executives Committee will be reviewing these suggestions and will present at the upcoming AGM – May 31st 7 pm in the library (free babysitting provided). Please Save the Date and hope online to visit our website for the latest news.


April 30th – Two Rivers Meats – Open now till April 30th

May 31st – PAC AGM

  • Come out and vote for next year’s PAC budget, teacher’s wish list and share ideas.
  • Agenda to come in the next few weeks.
  • Babysitting will be available, please email the PAC should this be required.

June 9th – Spring Carnival

  • G2 and G3 parents are our Special Events Hosts (an initiative to help share PAC volunteer events and build community between English and French parents)
  • Susan Neale is one of our G3 parents who has stepped up again to coordinate. IF you are interested in helping please email her at skneale17@gmail.com.

June 22nd –           Staff Appreciation Lunch

  • KG and G1 parents are our Special Events Hosts this year – Great way to meet the staff and let them know how much we appreciate them.
  • Class reps will be sending emails to help coordinate volunteers.

Have a great weekend.

Ross Road PAC

Contact us at rossroadpac@gmail.com 

Website – rossroadpac.ca

Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/ecolerossroadschoolPAC/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/rossroadpac (@rossroadpac)

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