Special Newsletter: PAC AGM agenda

Dear parents,

Just a reminder that the PAC AGM is on Wednesday night, starting at 7pm.   Babysitting is available!  If you’re interested in making your school a better place, please come along and contribute.

Here’s the agenda…

Refreshments & mingle 6:45pm

Meeting starts 7pm

1)     Approval of minutes from General Meeting dated Feb 5, 2014

2)     Business Arising from the minutes

  1. Library funds update
  2. Bingo Night

3)     Brief updates

  1. Spring Carnival
  2. Valet
  3. Lice 911
  4. Enviro Club
  5. Emergency Prep- defribrillator


4)     Principal’s report

5)     Treasurer’s report

  1. Budget Proposal – motion to approve proposed 2014/2015 operating budget
  2. Motion to approve the following expenditures:

i.     Up to $28,000 for installation & mounting of projectors & speakers in 23 divisions

ii.     Up to $5500 for Science/Math programs

iii.     $5,000 contribution towards IT Fund

6)     Elections for PAC Exec 2014-1015

7)     Election for School Planning Council

8)     Other


See you there!


Your PAC Executive