Civil EngRobotics Eng.We made it to March, we survived the snow! Oh wait, we are scheduled for more this weekend!!

Last weekend the PAC held a successful and enjoyable Parent Social, we had almost 90 parents attend. There were many prize winners, thank you for all the donations, and lots of great food, music and company. Many of us filled the dance floor and got our grove on.

PAC GM updates to come soon!!


Clothing Drive

So with the forecast this weekend as rain and snow it is the perfect time to go through your house and see if there is anything that can be donated to the clothing drive taking place the last week of March with pick up on Friday, March 31st.

  • This is a joint fundraiser with Diabetes Canada.
  • Each bag of clothes collected will help raise funds for our school, as well as diabetes education, research, services and programs in Canada.
  • The PAC does get a small percentage of the funds, but it’s really about offering an opportunity to families to give back to the community and clear out unwanted stuff.
  • We are asking each student to donate at least ONE FULL GARBAGE BAG of their unwanted and used clothing. Family and friends can get involved too!
    • Acceptable items include: gently used clothing, bedding, fabric, sleeping bags, belts/ties, handbags, yarn, blankets, drapes, hats, pillows and much more!

Reminder: Two Rivers Meats – one month to go

Upcoming events

April 3rd –        KM Club

  • We are looking for someone to help give our tired KM billboard a fresh new look.
  • Please contact the PAC and we will put you in touch with Angela Tancon, our teacher sponsor and coordinator

Monday March 27th & Thursday March 30th – BrainSTEM

April 7th  –           Bingo Night

  • We are still looking for some 2-3 volunteers. Please contact he PAC.
  • There’s no pressure to fundraise and there’s details on how it’s been done before so you won’t be starting from scratch.
  • We need someone by March 10th otherwise we’ll need to cancel.

June 9th – Spring Carnival

  • G2 and G3 parents are our Special Events Hosts AND we already have a coordinator!!!
  • Susan Neale, last year’s coordinator, has stepped up again to take the lead, but she needs a small team of volunteers
  • Stay tuned to class rep emails on how to volunteer.

June 22nd –           Staff Appreciation Lunch

  • KG and G1 parents are our Special Events Hosts this year.
  • Class reps will be putting this

Have a great weekend.

Ross Road PAC

Contact us at 

Website –

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Twitter – (@rossroadpac)

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