Thank you to all those that came out to the PAC GM and Jesse Miller presentation earlier in the week. I hope you got some good takeaways from the presentation.

Upcoming events
February 25th –    Parent Social

  • If you have not brought your tickets yet don’t worry we will have $30 tickets at the door.
  • Hashtag – #rrparentsocial2017

March 2nd –  Staying in French, Ecole Ross Road

  • Canadian Parents for French North Vancouver and SD44 are hosting a “Staying in French” information evening on Thursday, March 2nd at 7pm in the Ross Road Library. Learn more about the transition from Grade 7 to Grade 8 and the benefits of staying in French Immersion in high school from current French Immersion high school students, teachers and other speakers.” and link to the event on CPF North Van’s Facebook page:

Two Rivers Meats

  • Ordering has opened up again until April 1st so get your orders in now for those summer BBQ’s.
  • Click
  • This is an ongoing fundraiser, so if you really enjoy your meat, you can order more anytime.
  • PAC receives 15% of all purchases.

After Spring Break…

March/April – Clothing Drive

  • Spring cleaning is around the corner
  • Start putting aside all your gently used clothing, shoes, household wears,and  toys
  • The PAC is organizing a clothing drive right after March break – Dates to follow
  • The more large garbage bags we fill, the more money we raise

April 3rd –        KM Club

  • We are looking for someone to help give our tired KM billboard a fresh new look.
  • Please contact the PAC and we will put you in touch with Angela Tancon, our teacher sponsor and coordinator

March –             BrainSTEM

  • Civil Eng. for 5/6 year olds on Mondays
  • Robotics Eng. for 7-12 year olds on Mondays
  • Robotics Eng for 5/6 year old on Thursdays
  • Civil Eng. for 7-12 year olds on Thursdays
  • More to come on this

April 7th  –           Bingo Night

  • We are still looking for some 2-3 volunteers. Please contact he PAC.
  • There’s no pressure to fundraise and there’s details on how it’s been done before so you won’t be starting from scratch.
  • We need someone by March 10th otherwise we’ll need to cancel.

June 22nd –           Staff Appreciation Lunch

  • KG and G1 parents are our Special Events Hosts this year.
  • Class reps will be putting this be in touch with assigned divisions in the Spring.

Have a great weekend.

Ross Road PAC

Contact us at 

Website –

Facebook –

Twitter – (@rossroadpac)

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