Successful Spring Carnival + Kidsworld Fundraiser


Have you heard the news?

The Spring Carnival raised $7550 a few weeks ago!

Thank you to Carnival organizer Susan Kneale, our sponsors, volunteers and donations…we couldn’t have done it without you!

If you have any feedback, please email Tamrah Corben at

Kidsworld Membership Fundraiser


Our final fundraiser for the year is buying a Kidsworld membership.

  • Kidsworld provides a calendar of events for families to enjoy fun, athletic, and educational experiences all summer, and now all year as well!
  • A membership is for kids aged 4-13, along with one accompanying adult, to enjoy countless events and activities in Greater Vancouver – with no additional cost – plus bonus discounts!
  • Kidsworld Summer membership & Kidsworld 44 membership are each $50, or you can experience events all summer and all year for $95!
  • This unbeatable value for all you get!
  • Check out the calendar of summer events here.

Kidsworld is also a fundraiser for your school! Just enter your school code when signing up to have $5 donated to your school.  Your code is:  KIDS ROSS ROAD 2016

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