Thank you!

Dear parents,

You are all awesome!  Thank you so much for supporting last Friday’s Spring Carnival!  Because of your volunteering, hard work, donations and enthusiasm, we raised over $9,000 for our PAC!  ($9260.69 if you want to get precise).  And while that’s very cool, what was even cooler was seeing the whole community come together to have a kick-ass good time.  Here’s the proof that show how kick-assedy it was!

Now for the thank yous – because amazing events like this don’t just happen without a lot of people putting a lot of work into it.  Firstly, our amazing organiser – Tamrah Corben who gave up nights, weekends, her personal life and perhaps even a little bit of her sanity to pull it all together.  Then there were people like Shelley Smith Clarke, Adrian Clarke, Sine Scott, Louise Byron, Heather Merry, Dana Kovanda, and Nichole Randal from the planning committee.  Caroline Leonard did an incredible job coordinating and communicating with all the classes about their booths and volunteer sign up, not to mention a lot of running around on the day of, Dana Lyseng put together an outstanding Crazy Hair booth,  Lisa Birrell did an amazing job on the posters and Bettina Harris, Sarah Denis, Madeleine Tattersall and a few more PAC Execs also did double and triple duty selling tickets, manning booths and counting money.  Let’s also not forget the fabulous MCs, Darren Davis, Chris Randall and Ryan Edgar for the community games, they really got the crowd going and spurred on some awesome enthusiasm.

While you’re thinking good thoughts about these people, give some to yourself as well for volunteering at the booths and the Cook Shack as well as donating towards the mystery bags, silent auction, raffle baskets and cake walk.

You may have also noticed a few teachers and staff who joined us in the festivities. Normand Ponton, Mr Choi and Ms Ivana P all signed up to be dunked, which really got the kids excited. Linda Gelley, Sylvie Trigg, Anne Zayonc, Monique Belanger, Joulia May, Anami Naths and Carla Orr, who stayed late to help clean up, were also there. It was great to see them participate and support us.

A very special thanks to The Lynn Valley Lions and SaveOn Foods for a yummy cook shack.

For those lucky winners of the silent auction prizes please contact Heather Merry at and raffle baskets please contact Shelley Clarke at . If you have any receipts for purchasing supplies for the Spring Carnival and would like to be reimbursed please contact Kara Burgoyne at .

And finally, we would love to hear from you. If you have any feedback that you feel is important to share, for example booths you’d like to see return, suggestions about new booths, etc., please email Tamrah at We value your input and work towards making this carnival better every year.

Now – let’s start talking about the Christmas Craft Fair.

Just kidding.  :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

The PAC Executive