Ross Road PAC: Friday Newsletter….special Monday edition.

Hi folks,

Couple of things to tell you about in this last week of school….

  • On Thursday June 25th, a Farewell ceremony and reception will take place for the grade 7’s and their families. An area will be flagged off behind the school beside the music room after lunch and organisers have kindly asked that noise is kept to a minimum at pick-up time and that younger kids stay out of the flagged area.
  • Just to plant a thought in your mind over the summer break about volunteering next school year…we need someone to fill a few positions, including assistance with the Safe Arrival, Enviro Club and Valet programs.  It would also be awesome to find someone who might have experience in applying for grants.  There’s cash in them grants for our school if we know how to find it!
  • If this turns out to be the last newsletter this year (but who knows!), have a fantastic summer break and see you in September.

Your PAC exec.