Friday Newsletter: Munch a Lunch Now Open! | Valet Volunteers needed

munchlogo125x125Dear parents,

  • Food day ordering is now open for Session 1.  There will be 13 food days between October 10 and February 27 and this session includes Flying Wedge Pizza, Booster Juice Smoothies with Magic Lunch Box (MLB) Wraps, Pasta, and Mexican, Subway Sandwiches, Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, Sushi, Magic Lunch Box homemade meals. Remember you can now choose small or large sizes for MLB meals!  If you want to take a break from making lunches, you must get your orders in by 6pm on Friday October 3.  (no exceptions)
    • Click here to go to the MunchaLunch website.
    • Or click here to find out more about the program. (including the link to register if you’re a new user
  • The Valet Service needs volunteers.  Do you benefit from this amazing service?  If so, would you please consider volunteering for just one morning a week?  The valet program is only as strong as the volunteers who show up to run it.  Currently, there are vacancies on Tuesday and Friday.  Please get in touch with Karen Johnson on 604-518-7430 to find out more.  Thank you!