Food Day is now open for Session 1!

There will be 13 Food Days between October 10 and February 27, 2015.

This session includes Flying Wedge Pizza, Booster Juice Smoothies with Magic Lunch Box (MLB) Wraps, Pasta, and Mexican, Subway Sandwiches, Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, Sushi, Magic Lunch Box homemade meals. Remember you can now choose small or large sizes for MLB meals!

You can refer to the bottom of this notice for a complete list of lunch dates for this session.

*Please make sure to read this entire notice for important information about payments and order cancellations.*

The last day to place your order and pay is 6pm, Friday, October 3.  After that all unpaid orders will be cancelled! No exceptions.

First time users:

Step 1:  Register Family Account (easy, 30 seconds)

First time users must create an account by clicking here.   Follow the steps to create your account.

Step 2:  Order Lunch!

Click Order Lunch!, select your child’s name, and press the “next” button. You will be shown the available Menu (just click “next”). Select lunch items from the menu options for the lunch day. Please remember to click “ADD” after choosing lunch items in each menu before clicking next menu or your food items will not be added to your order. At the end of ordering, you can “select another child” and repeat the steps for each of your children.

If you require assistance please contact your lunch administrator, Wendy Ross at

Step 3:  Payment

Payment can be made by cheque (made out to Ross Road PAC) or PayPal/credit card online. (For Session 3, all payments must be received either by credit card/paypal through the MunchaLunch website or by cheque made out to Ross Road PAC and inserted in the PAC drop box in the school foyer no later than Monday, March 10 or your ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED.  No late payments will be accepted.  If possible please pay at time of ordering)

Step 4:  Volunteer

If you’re interested in helping out at one or more of the lunch days click on the Volunteer tab and select the dates you’re available. The lunch administrator will get in touch with you to confirm.

Returning users:

You can login to your account at any time here  Simply click Account Balance to view your child’s orders, reprint your receipt, or pay an outstanding balance.

Payment Details:

  • All payments must be received either by credit card/PayPal through the Munch a Lunch website or by cheque made out to Ross Road PAC inserted in the PAC drop box in the school foyer (no later than 3pm) by Friday, October 3 or your ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED.  No late payments will be accepted.  If possible please pay at time of ordering.
  • If you don’t receive a reminder email the day before each food day confirming your child’s lunch please contact us as your order may not have been processed.
  • Please double-check your order and review it with your child so he/she knows exactly what you’ve ordered for them each food day.  Often children come to us confused thinking they were meant to receive food, but in fact their parents just didn’t order for them.  We do not have any extra food to give out.

If your child is ill:

If your child is ill on a lunch date, you are welcome to come to their class at 12:10 and pick up their lunch but we cannot keep the food for them.   Consistent with previous years, there are NO REFUNDS as this is a PAC fundraiser.   We appreciate your support for our hot lunch program as the funds go towards new computers and general fundraising within the school.

Our thanks to the Ross Road parent community for supporting this important fundraiser and to our wonderful volunteers who help make this program a success!

Themes for Session 1 (October 10 –February 27, 2015):

October 10, Booster Juice and Wraps (MLB)

October 17, Subway

October 31, Magic Lunch Box (MLB)

November 7, Sushi

November 14, Pasta (MLB) and Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt

November 21, Subway

December 5, Magic Lunch Box (MLB)

January 9, Booster Juice and Wraps (MLB)

January 23, Sushi

January 30 Magic Lunch Box

February 6, Pizza

February 13, Subway

February 27, Mexican (MLB) and Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt