Friday Newsletter: Dates | GM Minutes | Safety at drop-off | District info

Dear parents,

  • Dates:  The PAC calendar  has been updated with food days, PD days and early dismissal days.  Please be aware though that it may be subject to change!  If you want to import this calendar into your mobile device or another calendar service, here is the feed for  iCal  or, XML, or HTML.
  • GM Minutes:  Minutes from the last PAC GM can be found here
  • Drop-off Safety:  As winter closes in, please be extra-careful around drop-off time.   In particular, please be aware that if you are turning into Kilkenny Road, you need to watch out for bikes!  For bike-riders, please use extra caution near this intersection.  Finally, please spare a thought and be respectful towards the children and parents who volunteer for valet duty.  It’s not always fun standing out in the cold and rain, but they do it because it makes everyone’s morning safer.
  • Finally, a reminder that the school administration no longer sends out emails to parents.  All the information about school activities, staff and programs can be found on the Ross Road Elementary website. 

Have a great weekend.


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