WSR Grocery Orders are Due!

Have you noticed families leaving the school with cardboard boxes on Thursdays? Those are groceries! And up to 15% of every order goes right back to our kids’ school.

It’s a fundraising initiative called Wealthy Schools Revolution (WSR) that allows you to buy some of your everyday grocery items, at a benefit to Ross Road.

Until November 21st, you can still get in on the next order: click here to link to the WSR website.

This week’s sale section features Adam’s peanut butter and Annie’s roasted seaweed snacks. Both household favorites at our house!

You can also order holiday items – I found some nice stocking stuffers in the health & beauty section and purchased my requisite scotch tape in preparation for wrapping.

Questions? Email Tovah Paglaro at

Happy grocery shopping Ross Roaders!

—Tovah Paglaro