Introducing a new fundraising initiative at Ross Road School

Dear Ross Road parent,

As you know, fundraising for our children’s education has become an integral part of school life. Basic resources, like home reading books and computers, are no longer within the means of school budgets and must be funded through the PAC. While we will continue to find our identity in a strong community-building spirit, we are seeking out new and innovative ways to generate funds in addition to our already very successful and rewarding model of community-building while fundraising.

Which is why we are launching an exciting new fundraising initiative at Ross Road:

Make no mistake – with this new initiative, we aren’t asking you to spend more money than you already do. Or buy anything you don’t need. What makes this program so exciting is that it’s simply a matter of spending the money you already spend on the things you already buy, through a program that benefits the kids instead of traditional stores.

The Wealthy School Revolution program is a grocery and home product delivery service that delivers bi-weekly orders to the participating schools, and gives up to 15% of the purchase price back to the school. We’ll try out the program until January 2013 and will then evaluate our participation.

What we love about the program:

  • Raising funds for the school, purchasing the same groceries we ALREADY BUY!
  • The fabulous selection of healthy kid-favourite snacks
  • Individually boxed orders with family names, making for easy pick ups
  • The intuitive website streamlines ordering

As the chart below demonstrates, with your support the WSR program can generate significant funds!

The fundraising feats that our Ross Road parent community have accomplished in recent years have been both inspiring and essential. I urge you to join me in this exciting new endeavour by signing up at If you have any comments, please email us at Stay tuned for more info!

Tovah Paglaro & the Ross Road PAC