PAC communication system for the 2012-13 school year

Dear Parents at Ross Road,

Looking ahead to the 2012-13 school year, are you dreading all those duplicate notices you get from the PAC website, your oldest child’s class rep, your middle child’s class rep and next year perhaps also from your youngest kindergarten child’s class rep? That’s up to four identical emails in your inbox! Think all that duplication is a bit excessive? We do, too!

Starting this September, we will move towards exclusively using website posts for general PAC notices to the parent community. You sign up as a website subscriber and after that, you get ONE email notification for each notice and that’s it! Promise!

The class reps will still be emailing out notices that are particular to their class (letters from teachers, field trip notices etc.), but they will no longer handle the general PAC notices! This will also make the class rep job less time-consuming, which we are sure they will appreciate!

As preparation for this transition, the current year’s class reps will be sending encouragements to all parents to sign up as PAC website subscribers before the end of the school year, in order to be ready for the new system in September. Consider this your first encouragement to sign up! The class rep will follow up with those of you who do not have time to sign up right now.

Should anyone choose not to sign up as a subscriber, they will cease to receive any general information from the PAC. They will then have to seek out the information on the PAC website themselves.

To sign up:

  • Find the box ‘Get Ross Road PAC Updates by Email’ on the right-hand side of the page
  • Enter your email address and click on the sign-up button
  • Confirm the subscription when you receive an email from WordPress (the publishing tool that drives the PAC site) asking you to do so.

For more info about the PAC subscription service, click here:

Thank you for putting up with all the duplication, we really appreciate your patience as we move to this more efficient way of communicating!

Ross Road PAC Exec.

To contact the PAC about this or any other matter, click on this link: