Introducing the 2012/2013 Ross Road PAC Executive

We would like to introduce you to your new PAC Executive for 2012/2013, which was elected at our AGM on May 30th!

A very warm welcome to you all – thank you for volunteering! We’re looking forward to working with you next school year!

  • Lene Burgmann (Co-Chair)
  • Julie Dunsterville (Co-Chair)
  • Caroline Leonard (Secretary / Family Photo Coordinator)
  • Madeleine Tattersall (Co-Treasurer)
  • Bettina Harris (Co-Treasurer / Christmas Craft Fair Co-Coordinator / Staff Welcome Back Lunch Co-Coordinator)
  • Lisa Birrell (PAC Website Coordinator)
  • Jen VanderMye (Communications Officer)
  • Carolyn Sluis (Past Co-Chair / Quebec Exchange Liaison)
  • Gillian Gorton (Environment Club)
  • Janice Sardari (DPAC Rep / Spell-a-thon Coordinator)
  • Nancy Barton (Valet Service Coordinator / Volunteer Co-Coordinator)
  • Silke Daoust (Volunteer Co-Coordinator)
  • Desiree Blume (Christmas Craft Fair Co-Coordinator)
  • Heather Merry (Meeting Coordinator)
  • Sonia Han (Spring Carnival Coordinator / Staff Welcome Back Lunch Co-Coordinator)
  • Sarah Dennis (Parents’ Welcome Back Coffee Co-Coordinator)
  • Brenda Willington (Parents’ Welcome Back Coffee Co-Coordinator)
  • Sophie McDonald (Member-at-Large, to be voted in at next PAC GM in September)


  • Kim Berg (Food Day Co-Coordinator)
  • Wendy Ross (Food Day Co-Coordinator)
  • Deborah Clegg (Student Art Cards Project)
  • Tovah Paglaro (Wealthy Schools Project)

…and extend a big Thank You to Carolyn Sluis, Past PAC Co-Chair!

Carolyn Sluis, past PAC co-chair…a very friendly and helpful presence at Ross Road school!

“While most PAC co-chairs make do with two years of service, Carolyn Sluis has more energy and enthusiasm than most, so she decided to go for three years! And that’s on top of being the main organizer of the Christmas Craft Fair for three years as well! How lucky for Ross Road!

Carolyn has brought so much energy, inspiration and hard work to everything she has been involved in. On behalf of the PAC Exec., we would like to say THANK YOU to Carolyn for everything she has done for the school in the years she has been involved.

Carolyn has graciously agreed to stay on the PAC as a M.A.L. (Member-at-Large) for another year, along with being Quebec Exchange Liaison, which is fantastic news!”

— Lene Burgmann



Many volunteer positions were filled at the PAC AGM that was held on May 30th, but there are still a few available for next year – click here to see a list of available volunteer positions!


If you would like to get involved with any of our PAC events and activities – or have any questions, comments or suggestions for the PAC Executive, please click here to send a message to our PAC Co-Chairs, Lene Burgmann and Julie Dunsterville.

Thank you!

— Ross Road Executive 2012-13