Stay up-to-date by subscribing to the PAC website!

To be notified automatically by email when updates are posted to the site:

  1. Enter your email address into the box located at the top of the right sidebar
  2. Click on the “Sign me up” button
  3. Check your email account for a friendly message from WordPress (the software platform that the PAC website is built on) asking you to click on a link to confirm your subscription

Once confirmed, you will be able to manage your subscription, i.e. how often you would like to receive posts. For example, you can set your “Delivery Frequency” options to one of the following:

  • Immediately (as soon as a post is published)
  • Daily (you will receive the day’s posts in one email per day)
  • Weekly (each week you will receive a compilation of all of that week’s posts)

More hints for getting around the website:

  1. Visit the Home page: where updates are entered as “Posts”, in reverse chronological order
  2. Use the “View posts by month” drop-down menu to see all the posts for a specific month (create your own monthly “newsletter” this way!)
  3. Use the “View posts by category” drop-down menu to view posts by specific topic
  4. Use the “Search” box to find something specific

If you need help with Email Subscription feature, or have any suggestions or comments specific to the PAC website itself, please send an message to the RRPAC Website Coordinator: