Job Action

Dear Ross Road parents,

While job action is always difficult, as a Parent Group our mandate is to support students and teachers at our school. While we may or may not agree with teachers’ job action, we can see the effects of budget cuts over the last years. As a middle-of-the-road PAC, our resources are being stretched thinner and thinner as we try to provide the things (library books, art supplies, gym equipment and computers) that in the past were a part of the government’s budget for schools.

With this in mind, the Ross Road PAC is pleased to allow space on our website for Advocacy Ross Road* to present letters and links to articles about Job Action to help raise awareness and understanding of the issues, facts and impacts on public education in BC.

>>Click here to link to the Job Action section of the Ross Road PAC website.

*About Advocacy Ross Road: This group of concerned Ross Road parents came together in March 2011 in response to education budget cuts, believing that a more active role is required to maintain and improve the education delivered to our students. The Ross Road PAC is most supportive of these efforts.

If you have any links you would like to share, or thoughts on the matter, please send an email to Advocacy Ross Road:

We would appreciate input and insight from all concerned parents and citizens.

Thank you,
—Ross Road PAC and Advocacy Ross Road