Km Club starts tomorrow! Volunteers needed!

KM Club 2011

The Km Club will start tomorrow, Wednesday March 28th, rain or shine, at 8:05am. All students, parents and siblings are invited to come and participate in this event. It is a great opportunity to increase your fitness level, challenge yourself to reach a certain Km goal, and to ensure your child is getting some DPA (daily physical activity).

We will be running every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 20 minutes from 8:05 (warm up for 5 minutes) to 8:35 on the field. Runners will receive popsicle sticks for each lap. The number of sticks collected will in turn be recorded on class lists at the end of the run (3 popsicle sticks represents 1 km). Students, and siblings will be encouraged by getting ribbons for distances attained. There will be 15 running days – Km Club 2012 ends Monday, May 7th.

Please consider volunteering (handing out popsicle sticks during the run, or tallying the distances at 8:30am) —  your involvement is key to running this club!
Just show up on whichever morning(s) you are able and let Keith or Angela know – they or another parent will show you how you can help out! It’s fun and easy!

We look forward to seeing many of you out there, rain or shine :)

—Your Km Club organizing committee,
Angela Tancon, Keith Nicol and Lynda Faivre-Duboz

Click here to see a slideshow of photos from KM Club 2011.