Friday Newsletter: Environment Club | Card Project | Christmas Market | Safeteen

Dear parents,

  • Environment Club:  Have you seen the incredible mural on the west-facing wall near the edible garden?  With thanks to talented artist and Ross Road parent, Shula Klinger, this Environment Club initiative was paid for by proceeds from a TD Friends of the Environment grant.   Click here for more information about the Environment Club and keep your eye out for more amazing projects happening at the school.
  • Card Project:  Have you ordered yours yet?  You must order by midnight Friday to guarantee delivery in the first week of December.  (cards ordered after this time will be delivered on December 16)  Click here for more details.
  • Christmas Market:  The Market will be held on Friday, December 6 from 5pm to 8pm, and here are some important things to note;
  1. If you want to order dinner, you must do so via the MunchaLunch website by 5pm on Monday, November 18.
  2. The organizers are  in desperate need of men’s ties and glass baby food jars.  If you have any, please leave them under the ‘down’ stairs by the PAC box in the lobby.
  3. As per the notices from the class reps, the Market also needs your time!  Please consider volunteering 45 mins on the evening to help make the event a success.  See the sign-up sheets on your classroom doors or get in touch with your class rep to find out how you can help.
  4. If you have any ‘treasures’ that you can donate to the “Holiday Shop and Wrap Market” please drop them in the box under the “down” stairs in the lobby (not in the AV room as previously mentioned.) These are new items such as that gift you bought for someone and then forgot you had it, or the picture frame you loved and bought, but never found the right wall to hang it on.  There is no need to buy anything, it’s just a chance for you to pass on treasures that you have never had the chance to use.
  • 9781896095998_p0_v1_s260x420Safeteen:  This week, the Safe Teen experts came to Ross Road to hold 3-hour workshops with all the grade 6 and 7 students. The Safe Teen program introduced the students to bullying and harassment prevention strategies and non-violent conflict resolution in a powerful and engaging, gender-separate workshop format.  Many thanks to Family Services of the North Shore, who generously funded the student workshops!  Also many thanks to those parents who came out for the very exciting parent night on Tuesday!  For those of you who are interested in continuing the conversation with their 6th or 7th graders or who want to learn more, Anita Roberts has published a book about the Safe Teen philosophy (available at the Lynn Valley library).

Have a great weekend!

Your PAC Executive

THE CARD PROJECT: orders due tomorrow, Tuesday April 30th!

Just a gentle reminder to those parents wanting to order cards or notebooks of their child’s artwork: the deadline is tomorrow, Tuesday April 30!

To order, please go to the Card Project website:

All the art is on display in the front lobby. It looks so cheerful!

Click here for more info about the Springtime Session of The Card Project at Ross Road.

Thank you for participating,

Deb Clegg, Card Project Coordinator



The Card Project is back after a successful debut at Ross Road last December!
This is a creative fundraising opportunity for our school community, 25% of all sales goes to the school. Participating classes (a total of 10 this session) have already created their masterpieces which have been submitted to the Card Project.



  • Students create a unique piece of art and the original art is submitted for digital photography or scanning.
  • A digital image is created and turned into a standard greeting card (4.5″ x 6″) including envelope.
  • The student then receives a free sample card that displays their art on the front of the card and the back has their name, grade and title for the art.
  • Ordering a box of cards is optional, a box set of 12 cards and envelopes is $20 plus applicable taxes.


  • April 25th – sample cards delivered to students
  • April 30th – orders due
  • May 9th – box set of cards delivered to students (in time for Mother’s Day!)

For more information visit the Card Project website or contact Deborah Clegg at

Shown above and below are just a few of the Ross Road masterpieces that have been created…click on thumbnail for larger version

April is Art Month at Ross Road

APRIL IS ART MONTH at Ross Road and this means that the school lobby has been showcasing many of our students’ creative endeavours!

Come by and take a look before the end of the month, or check out the images below. You will no doubt be impressed by the range and quality of student work.

Speaking of art, click here for more info about the The Card Project: Springtime Session!

KM Club 2013 – off and running!

Yes, it is that time of year again! The Ross Road KM Club 2013 is off and running! Join in anytime! Rain or shine!

All students, parents and siblings are invited to lace up their runners and participate in this event! It is a great opportunity to get prepared for the track and field season, increase your fitness level, challenge yourself to reach a certain KM goal, and to ensure your child is getting some DPA (daily physical activity).

  • Starting Wednesday, April 3rd, we will be running every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning before school for 20 minutes.
  • Warm up starts at 8:05 am sharp and running is from 8:10 am to 8:30 am on the field. Runners will receive a Popsicle stick for each lap completed around the school field. The number of sticks collected will in turn be recorded on class lists at the end of the run (3 Popsicle sticks represents 1 km). Students and siblings will be encouraged by getting ribbons for distances attained.
  • Volunteers are needed to hand out Popsicle sticks as student run around the field, and volunteers are also needed for 5 minutes at 8:30 am to record the number Popsicle sticks collected by each student, for each class.

We look forward to seeing many of you out there, rain or shine :)

—Your KM Club organizing committee,
Angela Tancon, Kevin Vallely, Lynda Faivre-Duboz and Colette Anderson

>> Click here to see more photos from KM Club 2012!

KmClub2012 - 35

Click image to see more photos from KM Club 2012!

Earth Day Essay Contest

Are you passionate about the environment and like to write?

Ross Road students who demonstrate a commitment to the environment could win their school a brand new set of computers.

Staples Canada is donating computer labs, valued at $25,000 each, to 10 elementary and secondary schools across the country. The program is part of the company’s 2013 Recycle for Education Computer Lab Contest, this year presented in collaboration with Earth Day Canada.

  • To enter, submit a 500-word essay on how your school has become environmentally responsible. For every entry, Staples will donate $25 to Earth Day Canada. Only one student from each school can apply, so we’ll be collecting essays and submitting just the very best one.
  • Submit entries here or drop at the school office by Wednesday, February 20, 2013
  • Winners will be announced in early April.
  • More details at

Thank you,

Environment Club parent volunteers


Count-down to the 2013 SPELLATHON on Thursday!

spellathon_heartsOnly one more day to go!


  • Monday Feb. 4th:  SPELLATHON parent letter, word list and pledge sheet go home with students. (If you did not receive a SPELLATHON package, click here to download a PDF version.)
  • Feb. 4th to Feb. 14th:  Seek pledges.  Practice words at home.
  • Thursday Feb. 14th:  TEST DAY!
  • Friday Feb. 22nd:  SPELLATHON scores will be sent home. Collect pledges.
  • Thursday Feb. 28th:  Return pledge money by this date.

If you have any questions please email Janice Sardari at

Thank you Ross Road families for supporting our Valentine’s Day SPELLATHON!

– Ross Road PAC

Ross Road SPELLATHON 2013

spellathon_heartsIt’s SPELLATHON time! Please check your kids’ backpacks for a letter, pledge sheet and word list about this event.

We hope you will enjoy the beautiful Valentine-themed words.  Please practice these words with your child and help them collect pledges for the event.

The funds raised by this year’s event will be directed to updating the library to help ensure its relevance within the new BC Education Plan (see  The new plan calls for going beyond the four walls of the school to the world; to that end, we would like to purchase a projector and computer to be permanently stationed in the library for the purposes of led and collaborative research and to replenish/supplement the books.
The Schedule

  • Monday Feb. 4th:  SPELLATHON parent letter, word list and pledge sheet go home with students.
  • Feb. 4th to Feb. 14th:  Seek pledges.  Practice words at home.
  • Thursday Feb. 14th:  TEST DAY!
  • Friday Feb. 22nd:  SPELLATHON scores will be sent home. Collect Pledges.
  • Thursday Feb. 28th:  Return pledge money by this date.

If you did not receive a Spellathon package, click here to download a PDF version.

Thank you Ross Road families for supporting our Valentine’s Day SPELLATHON.

If you have further questions please email Janice Sardari at

Merry Christmas from the PAC!

IMG_8492What a fun month December was at Ross Road School! We kicked of the holiday season early with the amazing (and very profitable!) Christmas Craft Fair on November 30th, and wrapped up 2012 this week with four fantastic performances of Jingle All the Way and a festive sing-a-long on Friday afternoon. What a great way to start to the holiday season!

Hope you all have a happy and relaxing break! See you back at school on Monday, January 7th, 2013!

–Ross Road PAC Executive Committee

p.s. Recycle your corks! The Ross Road Knitting Club would really appreciate it if you could save your wine corks over the festive season! They will be used to make the knitted cork gnomes that were a popular item at the Christmas Craft Fair! Please drop them off in the box marked “Corks” under the “Down” stairs in the school lobby when school starts up again in 2013! Thank you!


The Card Project was a wonderful success!

As part of the Card Project, each student in participating classes made an original work of two-dimensional art and had it made into a professionally printed greeting card. Each family was then able to buy boxes of these personalized Christmas cards! How cool is that?

We had a tremendous response in card orders and Ross Road raised $1,000!

It was exciting to see such a variety of beautiful cards that can be shared with family and friends. Scroll down to see a selection of student art – one piece from each participating class.

Thank you to those students, staff and parents who participated by supporting this new fundraiser.

And thank you to Deborah Clegg, who spearheaded the project and managed it with great enthusiasm and professionalism!

—Ross Road PAC