“Community Clean-Up Day” on Saturday, February 4th

Ross Road’s Woodland Walk

In addition to the Edible Garden at Ross Road, the Environment Club is creating a Woodland Walk Habitat Area.  Due to the natural setting of our school located in the forests of Lynn Valley and the Hastings Creek, the Woodland Walk will be a positive addition to our environment.  The path will start at the front of the school and run along the boundary fence to the Edible Garden.  From there it will continue through the trees beyond the wooden playground, through Spooky Island and ending down by the Creek.  

The goal is to create an outdoor learning classroom where children will be involved with nature. We feel that by enhancing the already naturally occurring features of the area we will be able to incorporate the school curriculum for all grades K thru 7.

Designated areas of interest will be: recycling and the compost, edible garden, butterfly habitat, bog area for frogs, newts and salamanders, rotting logs for insect observation, native trees and shrubs for wildlife, meadow flowers, seating area for an outdoor classroom, meteorological stations, and the creek for our salmon release program.

In order to make the Woodland Walk a reality, we will be having a “Community Clean-Up Day” on Saturday, February 4th from 10:00 – 1:00.

If you would like to join us in the tasks of taking out unwanted brambles, and the cutting back of branches and weeds, we would love your participation.  Please come equipped with any gardening tools you have, such as: pruning clippers, rakes, wheelbarrows and gloves. Delaney’s coffee will be available for volunteers.  Please bring your own mug to stay “green”! (Cancelled if heavy rain)

We look forward to seeing you there for the first step in creating a truly “Eco-School” for our children.

—Gillian Gorton