2011-12 School Directory

2009-2010 Ross Road School Directory

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the PAC Contact Permission Form! (Click here for more details about the form). As indicated on the form, the contact details collected from the submitted forms will be used to create a Parent Email Network (used by Class Reps to contact parents) and also a School Directory, a very handy printed resource!

For new parents at Ross Road School, here is some more information about the School Directory:

  • The School Directory is a project of the Ross Road Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and is intended as a resource for students and parents of École Ross Road School. Even in this technological age, it’s great to have a printed publication to refer to in order to quickly get in touch with other parents!
  • The Directory lists student names by division, along with an alphabetical listing of Ross Road families, their home addresses and their phone numbers.
  • The Directory is published every 2 years – the last directory was published in 2009, so this is the year for a new one!
  • It is also intended as a small fundraiser for the school.  The cost of printing and binding the Directory is funded by the PAC, business sponsors (parent and other), and a nominal copy charge or donation. Once the Directory is printed and binded, all profits raised from the sale of the Directories go back to the school.

The information contained in the Directory is compiled in cooperation with École Ross Road School administration. Your individual consent to be included in this Directory is required. The Directory will only be used for school community use and will not be distributed outside the school population or used for any commercial, political, or other purposes.

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