Spring Carnival Ticket Pre-Sales start Wednesday

The Carnival is almost here! Currently the weather man it telling us it will be sunny so plan for an outdoor carnival on the school playgrounds.

We will be selling tickets after school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Watch for our tables in the school foyer. All games, activities, experiences and food will be purchased with tickets at the Carnival so come prepared and pre-purchase your tickets! This year we have a bouncy castle, the Edge climbing wall, Creativ Music making CD’s, cake walk, musical chairs, Escape Bikes bike course, kick box demonstration,  Midnight Hour Band with a dance floor, pizza, frozen yogurt, popcorn, candy floss, Booster Juice smoothies, Mystery Bags, Snake Man, Pet Rocks and so much more.

Any Mystery Bag and Cake Walk donations are most welcome. You can drop these at the office on Friday.

  • Mystery Bags should have about a $5 value; new toys, some candy (not all candy please), gum, kiddie jewelry, gift cards to DQ or a book store… there are so many great ideas so please chat with other families to ensure we have enough bags and the bags are all winners! Please label the bags for boys or girls so no one is disappointed on Carnival night.
  • Cakes are also a huge hit at our cake walk… cakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes are truly appreciated. Please drop these at the office on Friday as well.

Don’t forget, it is Ride to School Week so you can ride to the Carnival this year. Escape Bikes will have their bike course set up for you and your kids!

See you at the Carnival!
—The Carnival Committee