Immediate Assistance needed for Spring Carnival

Our Spring Carnival Event is in jeopardy. In the last couple of years we have tried to break the carnival duties down into small, manageable bits so that the burden of work is shared among many. A couple of our key organizers have had to excuse themselves from the organizing committee this year. They are tremendous supporters of the school and wonderful volunteers, but scheduling conflicts have left our committee short of a few important organizers.

Without someone stepping up to assist, we regrettably must let you know that the carnival may not happen this year. So, The PAC Executive and the Spring Carnival Committee are hoping some of you (at least 5 people) could offer your time over the next 4 weeks to make the carnival a reality.

We need people to assume the following roles:

  • Dinner coordinator
  • Café Coordinator
  • Carnival Food (popcorn and cotton candy)
  • Square Dance Coordinator (for demonstrations and lessons)
  • Cake Walk
  • Mystery Bags
  • Band/Entertainment
  • Games and Tournament Coordinator (basketball, tetherball, soccer)
  • Pet Rock Painting Station
  • Community involvement (BC Hydro, mascots)
  • Climbing Wall

We do have the following events covered:

  • Midway game selection and set up
  • Crazy Hair
  • Creativ Music
  • Prizes
  • Administration of the Committee
  • First Aid
  • 50/50
  • ESC Bike Course
  • Ticket Sales Coordination
  • Bouncy Castle (to be confirmed)

Many of you have been extremely helpful in the past with PAC events.  We realize many of you (and us) are suffering from volunteer fatigue and we are very understanding of this! REALLY! However, without an injection of parent energy into this event, we will need to cancel the carnival for this year.

This event usually earns the PAC (and therefore the school and children) about $6000 per year. It is a healthy part of our annual budget. Cancelling the event this year will impact the budget for the next school year. This would be reflected in our ability or inability to purchase items on the teacher’s wish list… things like a sound system for the gym, more computers, laptops, carts or smart boards.

If you can assist with any of the key roles mentioned above, please contact Jane Ince before SUNDAY NIGHT.

A notice regarding the fate of the carnival will be sent to all families on MONDAY MORNING.

Your emails should be sent to