PAC Newsletter – Jan 20, 2017


We can finally see the playground again. The ice is melting slowly but surely. Hopefully we can expect all the snow and ice to be gone by Monday.


  • The Card Project – Last term the students put together some christmas cards which were sold through our fundraiser. The students have decided that Make-A-Wish Foundation is the charity that they would like to donate 25 % of card project funds to. This totals around $500. Great jobs parents and students.
  • This last week we had a visitor, Sarah Stark  part of the Salema Noon group to talk to the kids and parents about sexual health. The parent evening was very informative and really helpful for addressing such sensitive topics.

To summarize the parent evening, Sarah provided handouts summarizing the topics she would discuss at each age group.

Kindies and grade 1s were shown books and pictures to describe the anatomy. She talked about the different ways families are formed and touched briefly upon safety – not picking up needles or used condoms.

At Gr2-3 she reviewed all the previous info and added more about periods and wet dreams as clean and healthy processes.

Gr 4-5 all the previous info and basic info about sexually transmitted infections, that  homophobic language, jokes and attitudes are unacceptable, physical and emotional changes at puberty, how to make smart decision and stay safe on the internet.

Gr6-7 all above plus discussion of cyberbullying, sexting, selfies, pornography, sexual consent, STIs, different types of sexual activities and possible outcomes, condoms and emergency contraceptive

Parents were given tips on sex talk and told not too use baby talk but to use proper terms. Parents were also told to take advantage of any teachable moments and to keep the conversation going.

Essentially, You can’t tell a child too much – anything that isn’t relevant, interesting or on their radar will just of over their heads. Sarah also provided a resource list of books, magazines and websites (sexual health for kids, teens and adults, empowerment and safety)

Upcoming events

January 25th – 7pm, NVPAC General Meeting (ALL parents welcome)
Presentation Topic:  Supporting Student Learning and Sense of Belonging (K-12)                                                                          Vince White, District Principal of Inclusive Education, will discuss the school district’s ongoing efforts to help parents have a clearer understanding of the systems of support available to students at the classroom, school, and district level. Carla Orr, Principal of Westview Elementary and Rob McLeod, Vice Principal of Sutherland Secondary will share their perspectives of how these systems of support are activated in elementary and secondary settings.

North Vancouver School District, Education Services Centre,2121 Lonsdale Avenue. Pedestrian Access: Main entrance at 2121 Lonsdale Avenue (west side), proceed by elevator to 5th Floor. Vehicle Access: Parkade entrance off West 21st Street and Lonsdale Avenue, park on level 1 and proceed by elevator to 5th Floor

Parents, are you ready to give up a Saturday night of Netflix and falling asleep on the sofa?
Well then the Ross Road Parent Party is the just the thing. 
Join us for an evening of socializing, bevies, appetizers and music (with live DJ kyprios) – we’ll be just down the street at Toby’s (Main Street)
The RR Parent Party is the place to meet new people and to hang out with ol’ friends. 
Mark your calendars: Saturday, February 25, 7pm ‘till closing. 
Tickets are $30 and will be sold at the school and on-line. Stay tuned for more ticket sale information. 

  • BrainSTEM afterschool program will be returning to Ross Road. Dates to be confirmed soon. Stay tuned.

Remember that SPUD and Two Rivers Meat are still available for orders. All orders contribute towards fundraising for the PAC.


Have a great weekend.

Ross Road PAC

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