Ross Road PAC: Get your vote on!

Dear parents,

Here’s a bunch of good reasons why you should be coming to the PAC AGM in the school library at 7.30pm this Wednesday night.

  1.  It’s a chance to hear from Principal Carla Orr and School Trustee Barry Forward about issues affecting our school and community AND you get to ask them questions.  You’ll also get to hear how the PAC would like to spend the money that you’ve raised and find out about some upcoming school-wide programs.
  2. We’re going for a record for the number of parents we can stuff into an elementary school library.  Guinness Book of World Record staff will be in attendance to verify numbers.  This might be the only chance many of us get to see our names in the Guinness Book of World Records (apparently stuffing olives in your ears isn’t an achievable record anymore)  You don’t want to let down your fellow parents do you?*
  3. There’s a reality series being shot in the neighborhood at the moment (you might have noticed the production vehicles parked on the soccer field).  We weren’t able to say anything till now, but they’re actually shooting a new series called The Real PAC Parents of North Vancouver.  Come and be a part of the action!*

Here’s the agenda….

  • Principal update – Carla Orr
  • Argyle Rebuild – Barry Forward, School Trustee  (if you’re planning on sending your child to Argyle after Ross Road, you really should come and get an update about what’s going on there)
  • Meet the PAC Execs (did you know Micheal Buble is on the Exec and  is in charge of retrieving lost balls from the roof?  Come along and meet him!)*
  • SafeTeen – Lene Burgmann
  • Canadian Parents for French (CPF) – Lisa Birrell
  • Recent highlights
  • In progress
  • Opportunities to get involved
  • Upcoming events
  • Christmas fundraiser
  • Treasurer’s report
  • PAC Purchases
  • Upcoming purchases
  • Donations
  • Parent Community Suggestions
  • Voting items (should the PAC buy me a new hot-tub?  I say yes, but if you disagree, this is your chance to have your voice heard)*

* Some of these statements may not be true.