PAC AGM – Whoops! Meeting starts at 7pm, not 7.30pm

Hi all,

The last email said the AGM started at 7.30pm, when in fact it starts at 7pm.  If you arrive at 7.30pm, you’ll still be very welcome, but just be aware that we may have spent the previous 30 minutes talking about you.  If there’s an awkward silence when you turn up, you’ll know why.

Oh, and if you want to bring your kids, we can arrange to have a babysitter for you….but please let Tamrah know ( ASAP.

And, as one final tidbit of what’s to come….one thing we’re planning on voting on is to approve the purchase of 14 new laptop batteries.  “Apparently”, that’s more important to the kids then a hot-tub.  Whatevs.

Thanks!  See you Wednesday.

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