Ross Road PAC Friday newsletter – Now on Mondays!

Dear parents,

So, clear your calendars because this Wednesday is the Ross Road PAC AGM! Seriously, where else would you rather be on a Wednesday night at 7pm than in the library with lots of other awesome parents and very cool staff? This is what’s going down.

1. Approval of minutes of the GM of Feb 4, 2015
2. Business arising from the minutes
3. Brief updates and new business
4. Special singalong with Justin Bieber*
5. Principal’s report
6. Treasurer’s report

Up to $12,000 to be spent on Teacher Wish List items
Up to $1000 on uniforms for track & field/cross country
Up to $500 for Food Day bins
$5000 to be allocated for Sports related programs in 2015/16 school year
$4,000 to be allocated to the PAC IT Fund for future IT related purchases
Up to $5,000 for projector installation to be completed
For a total of $27,500
* If the budget allows, the guy that writes these emails would also like a new car*

6. Elections:
a)PAC Exec. elections
b)School Planning Committee elections
7. Other

Also, get your bikes tuned up and out for summer! Ross Road’s Bike to School Week is the first week of June this year, June 1st – 5th. Consider biking to school with your kids or part way. Teachers will be tallying up the number of students who bike to school each day and the class (one intermediate & one primary) with the most participation will win a pizza party! Also, on Friday June 5th, Escape Adventures will be setting up bike stations on the field to teach safety & skills. All classes will participate – students without bikes can participate by running/walking through the activities. A waiver needs to be signed for this activity so look out for it from your child’s teacher.

Finally, thanks to those who came out a few Saturdays ago for the parents social evening at the Black Bear Pub. They were extremely supportive and cooperative and everyone had a great time. We will definitely hold a parent social there again!

See you on Wednesday! Don’t forget to bring your Justin Bieber memorabilia to get it signed!**

Your PAC executive

* These things probably aren’t true.
** Don’t worry if you forget it. He could always sign a library card for you or something.

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