Friday Newsletter: Spring Fair cancelled | End of year picnic?

Dear parents,

Unfortunately, the PAC has had to make the tough decision to cancel the Spring Fair.  Even though there still is a chance that the strike may be averted, the uncertainty around it means that we can’t continue to plan the event, book outside vendors or generally prepare without the certainty of knowing it will definitely go ahead.  Please know that the PAC hasn’t taken this decision lightly, and many parents have been working hard to try to avoid this outcome.

A BIG thank you to the the members of the Spring Fair Committee, who’ve put in countless hours of preparation and planning for the Fair.  Thank you to all of them for doing this.  We’re hoping it won’t all be in vain, and there will be a chance in the next school year to still hold a big event.

Even though the Fair has been cancelled, there has been a suggestion that we still get together for an end-of-year event for the school community….a BYO picnic next Friday in Princess Park.  Could you please answer the simple poll below, so we can gauge if there’s enough interest to go ahead and book the park.


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