Friday Newsletter (delayed :) : Spring Carnival | KM Club | Volunteers | Fruitsicle Wednesday

Dear parents,

With apologies for the delayed delivery of this week’s newsletter, here’s what’s happening in your school.

  • Save the Date!  The Spring Carnival will be held on Friday, June 20!
  • The KM club is booming!  Come along on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 08:05 to 08:35 and walk or run your way around the field.  Everyone’s welcome, including parents, caregivers and younger siblings.
  • Please consider volunteering for the PAC.  We’ve filled the Secretary position, but we still need someone to step up to be the Treasurer and the Valet Coordinator.  To find out more, please get in touch with Sarah Dennis
  • Fruitsicles will be sold in the playground this Wednesday (April 23) as a fundraiser for the Grade 7 Alice Lake Trip.  The fruitsicles are $2 and made from fresh or fresh frozen whole fruit with no artificial flavours or colours added.

Have a great week.


Your PAC Executive.

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