Friday Newsletter: Staff Appreciation Lunch | KM Club | Childhood Anxiety

Dear parents,

  • The Annual Staff Appreciation Lunch is next Wednesday April 9th.  This is a great opportunity for us to thank the Teachers and Staff at Ross Road for all that they do for our children.  We are still in need of help in a few areas. Firstly, we need volunteers to help supervise on the playground so all of the staff can enjoy the lunch, plus we could use a few more helpers to help at the lunch itself. We are also in need of some more donations of lunch items (Main Dishes are needed: ie. casseroles or sandwiches). We also need to ask for a few more donations of small gifts for the teachers – we need approximately 15-20 more. Typically gifts are approximately $10 each and suggestions might be a bottle of wine, gift certificate to a coffee place or garden shop, soaps, tea…feel free to get creative. Please email Frances Carmichael or go on to the google doc below to sign up for volunteer shifts, food or gifts (Note the different tabs at the bottom of the document). Gifts can be dropped off at the office anytime before Tuesday morning and will be kept safely in a Tupperware bin there. Food items can be dropped off anytime on Wednesday morning until 11am in the staff kitchen. Please make sure any heating instructions are attached and that your utensils for serving and also your bowls etc are clearly marked. THANK YOU!    Click here to go to the Google Doc.
  • Our annual Ross Road Kilometer Club is back.  This year, the club will start next Monday April 7th. All K-7 students, parents and siblings are invited to come and participate in this event.  It is a great opportunity to increase your fitness level, challenge yourself to reach a certain Km goal, and for parents to ensure their children are getting some DPA (daily physical activity).  Running takes place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 20 minutes from 8:05 (warm up for 5 minutes) to 8:35 on the field for a total of 15 running days (end mid/end of May).  For more information, please see the attachment.
  • PAC Parent Night on Childhood Anxiety:  Come join us in the library on Wednesday, April 9, from 7 to 9pm for an educational evening with Christine Yu, M.A., R.C.C., who will talk to us about childhood anxiety and offer advice on how to manage it.  (parents only please)  Christine has worked extensively in the field of anxiety, both as a researcher and a practitioner.  She is currently working as a Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practice to help empower children and families to learn skills to deal the challenges and struggles they face.  In addition to child and family therapy, Christine collaborates with AnxietyBC to increase awareness and promote education in the community.  She offers workshops and presentations for schools and parent-groups around the Lower Mainland.
  • At the risk of sounding repetitive (and stealing from old newsletters),  the PAC still needs your energy and input.  There’s a variety of positions open, and it’s not a massive commitment. In particular, if you have any sort of book-keeping or accounting experience, we’d love to hear from you. But we’d also love to hear from anyone who’d like play a part in the PAC.    To find out more, please get in touch with Sarah Dennis


Your PAC Executive