Introducing the 2013/2014 Ross Road PAC Executive

We would like to introduce you to your new PAC Executive for 2013/2014, which was elected at our AGM on May 22nd!

A very warm welcome to you all – thank you for volunteering! We’re looking forward to working with you next school year!


  • Chair: Sarah Dennis
  • Vice-Chair: Julie Dunsterville
  • Secretary: Kara Burgoyne
  • Treasurer: Bettina Harris
  • Website Coordinator: Greg Thorpe
  • Advertising Coordinator: Vacant
  • Past Chair: Lene Burgmann
  • Communications Officers: Caroline Leonard and Jen Vandermye
  • Members-at-Large for French: Kelly Radcliffe; Brenda Devine; Madeleine Tattersall
  • Member-at-Large for English: Brenda Willington
  • Welcome Back Luncheon Organizer: Heather Merry
  • Meeting Coordinator: Vacant
  • Bingo Night Coordinator:  Janice Sardari
  • Community Outreach Coordinator: Vacant
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheon: Caroline Leonard and Frances Carmichael (not exec)
  • Family Photo Coordinator: Caroline Leonard
  • Christmas Craft Fair Coordinator: Vacant
  • Spring Carnival Coordinator: Vacant
  • School Directory Coordinator: Vacant
  • Valet Coordinator:  Nancy Barton
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee: Heather Merry
  • Food Day Coordinators: Wendy Ross and Kim Berg
  • DPAC representative: Janice Sardari


  • Welcome Back Coffee Organizer: Colette Anderson
  • Parent Social Night Coordinator:  Joulia May
  • IT Liaison: Scott Cameron


  • Elected Parent Members: Tanya Brown, Scott Cameron, Louise Byron, Sonia Han


We would also like to extend a very big thank you to the 2012-13 PAC Executive Members for all their hard work and enthusiasm over the past school year!

  • Lene Burgmann (Co-Chair)
  • Julie Dunsterville (Co-Chair)
  • Caroline Leonard (Secretary / Family Photo Coordinator)
  • Madeleine Tattersall (Co-Treasurer)
  • Bettina Harris (Co-Treasurer / Christmas Craft Fair Co-Coordinator)
  • Lisa Birrell (PAC Website Coordinator / Advertising Coordinator)
  • Jen VanderMye (Communications Officer)
  • Carolyn Sluis (Past Co-Chair / Quebec Exchange Liaison)
  • Gillian Gorton (Environment Club)
  • Janice Sardari (DPAC Rep / Spell-a-thon Coordinator)
  • Nancy Barton (Valet Service Coordinator / Volunteer Co-Coordinator)
  • Silke Daoust (Volunteer Co-Coordinator)
  • Desiree Blume (Christmas Craft Fair Co-Coordinator)
  • Heather Merry (Meeting Coordinator)
  • Sonia Han (Spring Carnival Coordinator)
  • Sarah Dennis (Parents’ Welcome Back Coffee Co-Coordinator / Staff Appreciation Luncheon Coordinator)
  • Brenda Willington (Parents’ Welcome Back Coffee Co-Coordinator)
  • Sophie McDonald (Member-at-Large)



Many volunteer positions were filled at the PAC AGM that was held on May 22nd, but there are still a few available for next year – click here to see a list of available volunteer positions!


If you would like to get involved with any of our PAC events and activities – or have any questions, comments or suggestions for the PAC Executive, please send us a message:

Thank you!

— Ross Road Executive 2013-14