Crafts made by Ross Road students to buy at the Craft Fair

Once again, we will have crafts hand-made by our students in their classrooms, available for sale at the Fair!

Crafts have long been the foundation of Christmas events at Ross Road School. This is the second year that students, teachers and parents have collaborated on crafts to sell at the Fair…a wonderful win-win joint effort! The students really enjoy making the crafts and feel a sense of pride in making something to sell, a sense of community is fostered with teachers, students and parents crafting together in the classrooms, and funds are raised for the school when the crafts go on sale at the Fair! Plus it gives you an opportunity to get an early start on your Christmas shopping!

Many thanks to all the parents who so capably helped out with the student crafts over the past few weeks!

This year we have lots of AMAZING crafts to buy at the Fair! Check out the photos below…

and CLICK HERE to see more photos of the individual crafts and students making them!