A few more Thank You’s from the Spring Carnival Committee!

June 1st’s very successful Spring Carnival came together with the support and hard work of so many people!

We neglected to acknowledge the following two donors in the list that was posted a few days ago:

  • The Carnival Committee would like to send out a HUGE thank you to the Rock Dogs Band for providing the musical entertainment this year. Like last year, they added great sound, rhythm and musicality to the event and had us all ROCKIN’!!! Thank you, Rock Dogs!
  • And another big Thank You to the North Shore News for running a Ross Road Spring Carnival ad, not just once but four times!

>> Click here to see the complete list of Carnival donors.

Very big Thank You’s to our dedicated Class Reps who all very capably organized, decorated and scheduled volunteers for their respective stations. Thank you also to all the parents and students who worked a shift (or two or three!) at the Carnival!

And last but not least, a big shout-out to our 2012 Committee members:
Harry Bulpit & Geoff Donahue (midway games and soccer shoot); Layne Christensen (Advertising); Lisa Birrell (graphic design, web posts & fan-outs, knitting/bracelets booth); Naomi Palm (cake walk); Heather Merry (mystery bags); Sophie McDonald (silent auction); Patricia Gocal (passports); Liz Whalley, Charito Mackay, Triona O’Hea & Linda De Ciantis (café); Michelle Ross (décor); Tammy Stothers (Escape Adventures); Tamrah Corben (retail alley); Dana Lyseng (crazy hair); Jasmine Strom (popcorn & candy floss); Val Brennan (community involvement); Sine Scott (face painting); Lynda Faivre-Duboz (tickets/knitting/bracelets booth); Sheila Swant, Madeleine Tattersall & Anita Terjesen (adminstrative tracking and accounting); Bettina Harris (ticket counting); Jane Ince (set-up); Lene Burgmann & Carolyn Sluis (PAC liaison); Jennifer VanderMye (class assignments and fan-outs); Barbara Mulleder (tickets); Johanna Mantsinen, Melanie Bedard & Sarah Dennis (prizes);  Janice Sardari (tickets); Deb Richards (band); Angie Chalmers (ponies)

Thank you again everyone! Ross Road rocks!

– Sonia Han, Spring Carnival Coordinator