Quebec Exchange Community Service Project

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On Wednesday, April 18th the Grade 7 Quebec Exchange Students, sponsored by YMCA / Heritage Canada, volunteered their time doing a Community Service Project for the Woodland Walk and Edible Garden. 

It was a very busy day with 65 students working 4 hours which works out to 260 man hours of digging, painting and laughter. 

What a Feat!  Amongst all of the workers we had a visit from Glen Kakoske from Jim Pattison Toyota North Shore and the Toyota Evergreen Foundation who generously presented a grant to the Environment Club in the amount of $2,880.  The Grant monies will go towards all materials needed to complete the Woodland Walk and Garden development.  Mike McGraw, a School Liaison Trustee was also in attendance for the hanging of the Edible Garden sign and to observe our progress. Click here to view photos of the event.

The enhancement of the Woodland Walk area will inevitably attract the attention of the students and encourage them to explore and observe the nature around them.

Thank you to all the Grade 7’s who worked so very hard to make their school a better place.

– Gillian Gorton