How’d They Do That?

You may have noticed a large structure missing from the primary playground after Spring Break. Well – it’s true – the wooden playground is gone.  A large metal chainsaw was used to cut the steel poles and a tiny little bobcat demolished the rest. [Scroll down for photos]

After careful examination of the wood, we discovered that there was too much rot and depreciation to salvage any pieces for future projects in the Environment Club.   However, new wood was ordered and with the great skill and expertise of Jim Gorton, the new planter boxes have been installed for the ever growing Edible Garden.

Many thanks to the Environment Club, Laurie Ainsworth, Michele Fogal, and Lene Burgmann for their digging efforts, and of course, special mention to Jim Gorton for executing the project so quickly.  On April 18th the Grade 7 Quebec Exchange Students will continue the removal of the  bark mulch and lay the soil for planting.

As this is a work in progress over the next few weeks, we would ask that you please stay clear of the planter until all work is completed.  Do however, feel free to sneak a peak and feel the excitement growing!

Many thanks, Gillian Gorton

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