2011-12 School Directory goes home with students

The 2011-12 School Directory will be sent home with the youngest child in each family on Friday, Jan. 20

Ross Road PAC is pleased to announce the publication of the 2011-12 Ross Road School Directory!

  • The School Directory is a project of the Ross Road Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and is intended as a resource for students and parents of École Ross Road School. Even in this technological age, it’s great to have a printed publication to refer to in order to quickly get in touch with other parents, so we hope you find it useful!
  • The Directory lists student names by division, along with an alphabetical listing of Ross Road families and their contact info.
  • The Directory is published every 2 years – this Directory will be continue to be used throughout the 2012-13 school year as well.

The School Directory is offered to parents as a community service, however a nominal donation per family would be appreciated!

  • The cost of printing and binding the Directory is funded by the PAC, paid advertisements (placed by Ross Road parents and other businesses in the community), and donations. All profits raised from the sale of the Directories go back to the school.
  • PLEASE DROP OFF YOUR DONATION (SUGGESTED $5 PER FAMILY) IN THE PAC DROP-BOX (under the “down” stairs in the school lobby)
  • Please include your donation (cash, or cheque made out to Ross Road PAC) in an envelope (with “PAC Directory” and your family name written on the front) and drop it off in the PAC Drop-Box (under the “down” stairs in the school lobby)

Thank you for your patience, and support! Enjoy your Directory!
–Ross Road PAC