Environment Club News, Fall 2011

On October 20th, the Environment Club held an assembly at Ross Road to launch the composting program again this year.  The students were reminded about the importance of composting and enjoyed a presentation from a group of students from Carson Graham  called “Tap Bottles” whose mission is to eliminate all plastic water bottles from the North Shore schools.  On the following Monday some of the Environment Club members went into all of the classrooms to educate the students on the “who, what, where, why and hows of composting.

On another note,  you may have noticed over the past few weeks that the garden beds have been installed by the swing set in the primary playground.  For all of you MINECRAFT fans I will say that we have been very busy “diggy diggy hole” and mining and crafting for the Environment Club’s Edible Garden at Ross Road.  Although they look like giant graves at the moment, just in time for Halloween, the Club will be planting garlic over the next few weeks which will be ready for harvesting in the spring.  Perhaps the garlic will keep the vampires away during this ghostly season.

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I would like to welcome Jill Mackay, a parent at Ross Road, to the Environment Club and thank her for all of her expertise and hard work in the installing and digging of the garden beds.  Jill comes to us as a Landscape Designer who was involved in setting up wildlife and edible gardens in the UK.  I would also like to thank Jim Gorton, my husband, for constructing the garden beds and for being such a wonderful provider and husband.  He made me write that. :-)

Many hands make light work and I hope you will enjoy watching the garden grow.

—Gillian Gorton