PAC Communications for the 2011-12 School Year

At long last, our 2011-12 Class Reps have received their class lists and are in the process of setting up their group email lists. Thank you so much for your patience!

Here is some important information about how the PAC will be communicating with Ross Road parents this school year:

Ross Road PAC website:

PAC Newsletters:

  • We are no longer publishing monthly PAC newsletters now that we have our own website, which is updated several times per week and is full of useful information!

Subscribing to the PAC website:

  • We encourage every parent to sign up for automatic email updates on the PAC website. Every time a new item (a “post”) is added to the website, subscribers receive it as an email message. This is a much more efficient way to distribute information than the existing fan-out system (where class reps forward emails from the Class Rep Coordinator to parents in their respective classes).
  • We will soon be phasing out the fan-out system, so we need EVERYONE to sign up for PAC website updates! It’s very easy – just enter your email address and you will receive an email from WordPress (the publishing software that powers the PAC website) asking you to confirm your subscription. Click here to learn out more about signing up for email updates.
  • Filling out the PAC Contact Permission form does NOT mean that you are automatically signed up for PAC updates. There is some confusion about this, especially as the school office also sends out school-wide emails, but that is a different system entirely. Signing up for automatic PAC updates has to be done by each parent individually.  Click here to learn out more about signing up for email updates.
  • If you would prefer not to sign up for email updates, then we encourage you to check the website frequently for new information, as we will soon be using the PAC website as our main mode of communication. Class reps will still be in touch with their classes to send out information specific to that class or grade (field trip reminders, notices from teachers, Christmas Raffle baskets, etc).

If you have any questions about the PAC website, or the email subscription service, please contact Lisa Birrell, the PAC website coordinator at:

Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation!

– Ross Road PAC Executive