Wanted: A new coordinator for the Ross Road Christmas event!

Click to see more photos from the 2010 Christmas Craft Fair

Ross Road students checking out the ever-popular Class Raffle Baskets at the 2010 Christmas Craft Fair. Click on the image to view more photos.

Ross Road families have enjoyed a Christmas event at the school for many years now.  It serves as both a great social/community evening, and an important fundraiser for our kids.   Although the event has taken the form of a Craft Fair for some years, it can be anything we want it to be : )

Carolyn Sluis, our PAC co-chair since 2009, has very capably coordinated the Christmas Craft Fair for the past few years, but is stepping down from the position this year. We are all so grateful to her for all the energy and effort she and her team put into creating such memorable, festive evenings for Ross Road students and parents alike! Thank you, Carolyn!

Now we are looking for someone new to head up a simple, enjoyable evening for the Ross Road Community.  It could be as basic as a Sing-a-long.  Add in the famous Ross Road Class Raffle Baskets (last year we raised $3500 in raffle basket
tickets alone!), and maybe a concession with Christmas treats and you’d have a fun, easy-to-organize evening.  Some teachers have expressed an interest in having their classes make art/crafts and sell them at the fair—that could be a great fundraiser, too!

We have booked the school gym for Friday, December 2nd, in hopes that someone or some people would step forward to keep this popular annual event going!  You would have help from the Class Rep Coordinator to organize the Class Reps and the Raffle Baskets, and Carolyn is happy to help you get started.  Grab a few friends and make this event happen!

If you are interested in this position, please use this form to contact our PAC co-chairs, Carolyn Sluis and Lene Burgmann: