Revisions to the PAC Constitution – Please read!

Our Ross Road PAC Constitution has been in place since 2000. In the last 11 years we have seen many advances in technology which affect the way we all do business. Therefore, we have updated our constitution to reflect new business practices. We are posting our old (2000) constitution here for you to see as well as the revised version. Changes are noted in blue on the newer document.

Old Ross Road PAC Constitution (2000)
Revised Ross Road PAC Constitution (revised May 2011)

We hope to ratify this new constitution at our AGM next week. Please feel free to offer any comments on the changes you would like to see. All comments should be sent to Jane Ince, PAC Co-Chair, at A vote will take place at the AGM to accept the newest constitution and have this be the PAC’s roadmap until such time as it should be further updated.

Ross Road PAC Exec., 2010-2011.