Any experts out there?

Our Administrators have two large purchases to make  in the next few months. Eileen Hood has asked to ask if we have any parents in our community who have expertise in the following areas and if they would want to share their knowledge with her as she investigates options for our school.

  1. Ross Road School will be purchasing a new sound system for the gym and for outdoor events.This system will be funded by the PAC. If you have knowledge about stereo/sounds systems and would like to help, please contact Eileen Hood by Tuesday May 10th to offer assistance.
  2. Eileen is creating a committee to offer guidance on future IT purchases of student computers. Again, this will be paid for in part from PAC funds.  If you have any training, connections or knowledge in computer purchases and would like to join this committee, please contact Eileen by Friday May 13th to offer your help.