Environment Club Edible Garden

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Composting Project at the school. It has been a huge success and we have already started to turn our fruits and vegetable scraps into some nice earthy soil.

Now for Phase Two of the project — The Edible Garden. This spring we are hoping to start a small Edible Garden using some large pots that will be placed out near the composting bins. Two of our classes have agreed to plant and harvest the garden along with the Environment Club members.

If anyone has any extra LARGE pots, either wooden or plastic, that they would like to donate to the school we would be very grateful. You can contact me (Gillian Gorton) by email at thegortons@shaw.ca and I can arrange to pick up the pots and deliver them to the school.

The future garden plan is to build a larger permanent Edible Garden on the school grounds with a grant that has recently been approved from Vancouver Coastal Health. With this program the children will learn how to plant and tend to an edible garden, understand the decomposition of composting, and learn about healthy eating and the benefits of locally grown produce.

Thank you to everyone for your support.
— Gillian Gorton

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