1,000 Paper Cranes for Japan

On Friday April 1st, all Ross Road students will be making paper cranes in aide of Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Relief.

We are hoping for a donation of $1 for each piece of origami paper the children use.  In order to reach our target of 1,000 cranes, we’ll need an average of two cranes per child.  If you would like to participate, please send a loonie or twoonie to school with your child on Friday (additional donations will be gratefully accepted of course!). All money raised will go to The Red Cross.

Thanks for your support.
— Eileen Hood, Principal

Thanks to Yumi McLaughlin, who suggested this wonderful fundraising idea – she  donated some origami paper which students “bought” in order to make a thousand paper cranes which will hang in our foyer.

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On Thursday, March 31st, at a special school assembly, our Vice Principal, Anami Naths delivered a very moving presentation about Japan and the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunami on its residents. She also explained the meaning of the thousand cranes: An old Japanese legend states that anyone who folds 1,000 origami cranes will be granted one wish.

Each crane represents the hope that we hold in our hearts for Japan and what we can teach our children about compassion and service.