Free upcoming Emergency Preparedness workshops

The Ross Road Emergency Preparedness Committee encourages you to attend one or both of the upcoming workshops, presented by the North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO):

“Emergency Preparedness and You
November 19th 7-9:30pm
This workshop covers how to prepare ahead, reduce fear, anxiety and loss that accompany disasters. Learn about safe food and water supplies, utilities, sanitation, out-of-area contacts, what to put in your home emergency kit, and more. Each participant receives a free gas shut off wrench!
“Disaster Response and You”
November 26th 7-9:00pm
This workshop covers how to respond during a disaster, what to think about if asked to evacuate, what to put in a “Grab & Go” bag, what resources are available, and more.

Both workshops take place at the NSEMO office:
2nd floor – 147 E. 14th Street,
North Vancouver, BC

For more info, visit the NSEMO website:

The Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) needs new members!

Ross Road School’s Emergency Supplies Container. Click image to read more about the EPC.

The Ross Road Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) is looking for parents to help or join us for the 2012-2013 school year. Along with school administration, the EPC helps to adapt, implement and update the school’s emergency program.

Here are some of the things that the EPC does:

  • Maintain familiarity with the school’s emergency response procedures.
  • Ensure all class ‘grab & go bags’ are properly stocked.
  • Update the emergency response procedures, including the designation of staff for response functions.
  • Update the student identification forms and student release forms.
  • Liaise with the PAC for appropriate funding.
  • Manage an inventory of ‘equipment & supplies list’ and replace resources as necessary. (ex. food rations, water, batteries etc.)
  • Organize and implement a program of drills and exercises, and supervise their conduct and evaluation as part of the school curriculum.
  • Maintain regular contact with parents through meetings and newsletters.

>> Please contact Barb Woznow at for more information.


Speaking of emergency response procedures, don’t forget that this afternoon (Friday, May 11) Ross Road will be enacting a full Emergency Release Drill in conjunction with Emergency Preparedness Week. Parents or Emergency Release alternates are asked to pick up their students between 1:30pm – 2:45pm. Please bring ID.

Emergency Preparedness Committee – Update

Ross Road School's Emergency Supplies Container

The Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) would like to thank all of you for your continued support during this school year.

We believe that the safety of the students and staff are paramount and with your generous donations we have been able to purchase more food rations, drinking water and other supplies for the container (located at the north end of the back field) and class “Grab & Go” bags.

With the recent earthquake in Japan we would urge you to view the following websites for more detailed information on what to do should B.C. experience an earthquake:

  • Provincial Emergency Program – Ministry of Public Safety
  • North Shore Emergency Management Office
    Located off Lonsdale Avenue, the NSEMO offers many courses throughout the year as well valuable information on personal safefy.
  • We have also posted a list of recommended survival items on the EPC section of this website.
    Click here to view the list.

Reminder from the Emergency Preparedness Committee

A few weeks ago, a notice went home about the Emergency Preparedness Committee, with a request for a $2 (or more) contribution per child to help keep our emergency supplies replenished and up-to-date. If you didn’t receive the form or haven’t sent your contribution in, please drop it off with your child’s teacher or at the office.

Thank you for all you for all the cash contributions to date, and also for the donations of Canadian Tire money! This form of “currency” will be used to purchase more emergency supplies and is always welcome! Just drop off any “bills” at the office. Thanks again!

Emergency Preparedness Committee

The Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) appreciates the PAC’s past purchase of emergency shelters and other vital supplies that will help our school be better prepared in the event of a natural disaster. Keeping our students and staff safe is paramount!

Do you have any Canadian Tire money? The EPC would appreciate your donations so that supplies can be purchased for our classroom “grab and go” bags. The donation box is located at the front office. For more information, or if you have corporate connections to emergency preparedness items, please contact Barb Woznow, our EPC coordinator, at 604-983-2271 or Thank you for your support!