All PAC Newsletters are now moving to FreshSchools!

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Attention all parents and caregivers! All PAC newsletters and communication will now be distributed by FreshSchools only.

If you haven’t signed up for FreshSchools yet, please sign up now by clicking this link:

*Anyone not registered will not be included in the CLASS LIST and will miss out on important information.

Once you have signed up for FreshSchools, please be sure to add your child(ren) to their class. You must first login to the Fresh Schools WEBSITE (not the app)

How to add your child to their class:

  • CLICK on the coloured circle found at the top left of your screen (It sits under the school logo and above your name).  This will bring you to your parent screen.
  • SCROLL down to find the name of your child(ren).  CLICK on their name to bring you to their profile.
  • At the top right of this screen you’ll find an edit button.  CLICK edit.
  • Find the class field and use the drop down menu to SELECT your child’s class
  • Be sure to SCROLL down to the bottom of the page and select SAVE.

Any questions, please email

Class Reps will be sending out messages to divisions by using class information from FreshSchools.

Look out for our first weekly FreshSchools newsletter coming Tuesday.

Thank you.