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Well Fed Fundraiser

The holidays made simpleWell Fed is offering another meal order opportunity for December in support of the Ross Road PAC.

Well Fed’s December menu for delicious ready-to cook frozen meals to go can be found here:

The deadline for orders is December 18th at 12pm. A percentage of each order supports the Ross Road PAC.

Meals will be available for pick up after school from Ross Road on December 18th, or you can arrange to pick up from their local studio.

Look for Well Fed at the Winter Carnival to learn more about their menu, reduced waste packaging, and to try some samples of their yummy food!


Ross Road Winter Fair!!

The Ross Road Winter Fair is right around the corner!  Mark your calendars for December 12th (5-8pm).  You will not want to miss the annual Ross Road Winter Fair.  Some very exciting activities are planned for this year.  We need your help to make it happen!

All money raised at the Fair goes back to the kids in terms of new/special activities, events, equipment and other major items on teacher’s wish lists for improving education and experience of our kids.

You should have already received an email from your class rep asking for a $5-10 donation.  This will help us put together some great raffle baskets and the ever-popular mystery cards for the kids.

Additional donations required for the following:

Holiday Shop N Wrap: Kids only! Shop for gifts for friends and family.  Please pitch in to donate small new or nearly-new items.  Clear your closets of those candles, books and soaps that you thought you would use.  Socks, toys, bath products, art kits-all of these things will find good homes.  It does not need to be brand new- just present-able.  Drop off in the foyer.

Wine:  We hoping to put together a couple of wine baskets for the raffle.  If you have a spare bottle to donate, please drop off at the office.

Bake Sale:  Plan to make some great seasonal goodies for the bake sale.  Donations to be dropped off the day of the fair.

Raffle Baskets:  If you have any items or services you can donate to the raffle baskets please let us know!!!  (



Bike to School Week Coordinator still needed

Without a PAC coordinator Bike to School week won’t happen at our school next year!

Please consider taking on this role. This is a big community building role and Ross Road kids LOVE bike to school week, we are listed on the HUB website as one of the Top Trips!

There are a ton of resources and prizes that we won last year, this role is not a fresh start!

As the coordinator you can either lead it or form a committee and make it anything you want it to be. Typically there is an opening morning with a group of parents who are keen to attend and set up fun stations and hand out prizes.  The other big component is to sign up with HUB (which only takes 2 minutes) and then to organize teachers to track bike rides each day and had in the tally sheets at the end of the week. You will need to total the bike rides to school and submit to HUB.

We have all the form templates that can be reused and informational emails.

To volunteer or find out more about this role contact the PAC at




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